if you're like me and love a mind numbing, absolutely overpowered main character than the below list is for you. Yes we all love a good psychological thriller (ahem.... Steins Gates, Mirai Nikki etc etc). Sometimes I just need to sit back and watch an unstoppable force wreak havoc on my TV screen. Without further ado let's get into it. Here's 5 for you (in no particular order)....

5. Overlord

2015 - On-going

If you're looking for an incredible anime (now with 4 seasons for you to binge). Look no further than Overlord. Momonga logs in for the final hours of a popular online role playing game but when the the clock strikes past midnight, he finds himself unable to log out. Confronted with this issues, he decides to take it in his stride and take over the world. He's ridiculously OP (which you find out almost immediately) and the people he keeps in his company are just as badass.

4. The Eminence in Shadow


Minoru Kagenou seems to be an everyday highschooler but in his spare time he is a masked vigilante wielding two crowbars. After doing this for a while he becomes frustrated with his human body and the fact he will never be able to become a god, he's looking for more. Unfortunately he dies, fortunately he wakes up in a world of magic similar to 1900 Europe and is then so OP he can literally blow up cities. This is a mixture of fun and action suitable for anybody wanting to scratch that OP anime itch. With a second season coming I hope they can carry on, what has been one of my favourite animes over the past couple of years.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

2018 - Ongoing

Thirty-seven-year-old Virgin Satoru Mikami is a typical corporate worker, he's happy enough, however, when he goes to meet a younger co-worker and his girlfriend. He is unfortunately stabbed, whilst dying he hears a voice. He starts talking about how he'd be if he was to start again. Little does he know he's setting himself up for a new life in a beautiful fantasy world, only one problem, he's now a slime. I know, i know, doesn't sound that thrilling but give it a go. with 8.14 on MAL you will not be disappointed.

2. Mashle


Harry Potter meets One Punch Man!! In a world of magic Mashle is unlucky enough to have 0 magic! This doesn't stop him though, he trains every day and is overwhelmingly strong. When he has to join a magic academy in order to save his grandad and his simple way of life Mashle has to do his best to mask the fact he is magicless. This is hilarious but also very well written and I love the art style.  Don't miss this one!!

1. Black Summoner


Standard Isekai, however, Kelvin abandons his previous memories in order to start his new life with cheat codes. Waking up as an S class summoner, he is the definition of OP with noone being able to come close to him in battle!